Abigail Breslin is the FINAL GIRL (Tyler Shields/2014) Coming Soon.


Starring:Abigail Breslin, Cameron Bright,Alexander Ludwig, Francesca Eastwood and Wes Bentley.
Abigail Breslin is a teenager who stands up and fights back against a group of sadistic pledge- crazy schoolboys who use murder as an initiation into their exclusive club. Alexander Ludwig leads the gang in a routine game in which they send a girl out into the woods and prey on her.They should never have messed with Breslin who’s inbuilt survival techniques are more that enough to hold her own and exact gruesome revenge. Photographet Tyler Bates ,here making his directorial debut, has delivered a film heavy with cult cinema references ;
Final Girl riffs on themes also seen in Hanna, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane and Heathers.