Abel Ferrara’s WELCOME TO NEW YORK comes to UK DVD & Blu-ray 20th October 2014.



Inspired by true events, WELCOME TO NEW YORK is the story of Mr Devereaux (Gerard Depardieu); a powerful man who controls billions of dollars every day.  A man who controls the economic fate of nations.  A man who dreams of saving the world and who cannot save himself. A terrified man. A lost man. Watch him fall.

Directed and co-written by Ferrara (BAD LIEUTENANT, KING OF NEW YORK), Depardieu and Bisset  give powerhouse performances and the film made international headlines when the world premiere was one of Cannes Film Festival’s most high profile events in May.


Rated 18, the Blu-Ray and DVD include the UK theatrical version of the film (running time 125 minutes) and the UK trailer. An alternate cut of the feature is available as a BluRay exclusive.

Abel Ferrara on Gerard Depardieu : “He’s a force of nature, a beautiful guy… He’s one of those guys capable of playing the craziest things… The guy is alive and he’s living and he’s going through the pain and suffering, the exhilaration of fucking being alive.”

Gerard Depardieu on his character, Devereaux: “He is fascinating… a bit Shakespearean. You find the same ingredients in this affair as you do in all of Shakespeare’s work: power, money, sex. It’s the same in tragedies. This is the theatricality of life and of power.

Depardieu on shooting the controversial sex scenes in the film; “Scenes like this are never exciting to play. You really have to be drunk or on Cialis. The flesh is sorrowful. You recoil from watching orgy scenes in disgust. But this thing that offends us is part of an artistic work. You can dislike these sequences but you need them to get to where you want to go.”