A.D. Calvo’s SWEET SWEET LONELY GIRL available exclusively on SHUDDER.


When Adele (Erin Wilhelmi) is sent to look after her aunt Dora, she hopes to bond with the kind lady who cared for her as a child. But Dora won’t leave her room and barely speaks. So when Adele meets the seductive Beth, her lonely life improves for the first time. After Beth pushes her to shirk her duties however, Adele faces a dangerous reckoning. Who is Beth and what does she want from Adele? From performances to visual style, A.D. Calvo’s supernatural chiller evokes the eerie atmosphere of ”70s and ’80s horror in much the same way Ti West did with THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL.
Cast: Quinn Shephard ,Susan Kellermann ,Erin Wilhelmi.