From Press Releaase:SPLATTER UNIVERSITY (1984) Unavailable in the UK since the glory gory days of VHS tapes, this satirical campus-set sickie is one of the bloodiest and barmiest slasher-shockers ever made. Headlining the feisty Forbes Riley as a teacher trying to work out why her classes are featuring increasingly less students, SPLATTER UNIVERSITY picks up the pace with a succession of superb sanguine-packed massacre-moments.

SLAUGHTERHOUSE (1987) introduces one of the screen’s most memorable madmen in Buddy – a cleaver-wielding backwoods baddie who, along with his father Lester, doesn’t take too kindly to anyone infringing on his weirdo way of life.

SCALPS (1983) Directed by B-movie master Fred Olen Ray, SCALPS mixes arterial-opening action with the supernatural when a group of college kids begin digging around an old Native American burial ground. Unfortunately for our intrepid explorers, a spirit by the name of Black Claw was enjoying his sleep and he is none too happy about receiving a premature wake-up call.

HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS was heavily censored upon its original UK VHS release but is finally unleashed in all of its uncensored glory! This colourful bout of carnage brings together two of cinema’s most beloved scream queens in Michelle Bauer (NIGHTMARE SISTERS) and Linnea Quigley (RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD). Quigley plays a stripper that is being tracked by a sleazy private investigator (played by B-movie veteran Jay Richardson) who suspects she might know something about a slate of citywide murders.Packed with babes, boobs and blood, and also highlighting a standout performance from Leatherface himself, Gunnar Hansen, HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS belongs in the collection of any self-respecting splatter movie buff.