Giallo/Crime masterclass RED RINGS OF FEAR (aka ENIGMA ROSSO) coming to Code Red Blu-ray.

When the brutally violated body of a young woman is found wrapped in plastic, Inspector Gianni Di Salvo (Fabio Testi – Contraband, The Four of the Apocalypse) is drawn to dark deeds at an exclusive girls’ school where the beautiful members of a group called the Inseparables are being targeted with sinister letters and murder attempts. Following a clue in the dead girl’s diary, he soon learns that anyone could be harbouring deadly secrets as he untangles this web of sex and homicide. A prime slice of sordid shocks from the golden age of the Italian giallo, this is the final film in the cycle of schoolgirl thrillers following What Have You Done to Solange? and What Have They Done to Your Daughters? with enough delirious twists and turns to keep you guessing all the way to the startling final revelation.

Also starring Christine Kaufmann (Town Without Pity, Murders in the Rue Morgue), Ivan Desny (The Marriage of Maria Braun, Who?), Jack Taylor (Pieces, Succubus), and Helga Liné (Horror Express, Nightmare Castle), this wicked chiller is now presented in HD and full widescreen for the very first time.

Starring: Fabio Testi, Christine Kaufmann, Ivan Desny, Jack Taylor, Helga Liné, Fausta Avelli
Director: Alberto Negrin / 1978.

Pam Grier stars in Eddie Romero’s TWILIGHT PEOPLE / Blu-ray Coming Soon!


Matt Farrell (John Ashley) is plucked from the sea while skin-diving and taken to the foreboding fortress of Dr.Gordon. He is to become part of the doctor’s diabolical experiment to create a race of super people. This twisted and maniacal doctor’s experiments have so far only created terrifying and hideous creatures. His human guinea pigs, freed by the doctor’s own daughter, turn the island hideaway into a bloodbath of revenge and terror! Cult Film Queen Pam Grier is featured as “Panther Woman”.

Remastered in 2K from the original 35mm negative in widescreen!

Bonus Materials:

Full commentary by film historian, Toby Roan
Video Interview with the director, Eddie Romero
Original Theatrical Trailer

CONFESSIONS OF A PEANUT BUTTER FREAK coming from Vinegar Syndrome!

Ever since being sexually traumatized as a young man by his aunt, Billy has had an unhealthy association between peanut butter and sex. After his latest date leaves him, he meets Priscilla (Helen Madigan), an equally odd woman. As the two strangers decide to share stories of their unusual erotic experiences, Billy begins to realize that he may have finally found the girl of his dreams. But can their budding romance survive the ultimate sexual test?

One of the strangest films to emerge from San Francisco’s underground erotic film scene, Gerald Graystone’s CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE PEANUT BUTTER FREAK is a bizarre and surreal romantic comedy, co-written by and starring Zachary Youngblood (DEEP TANGO), and featuring the screen debut of Constance Money (MISTY BEETHOVEN). Vinegar Syndrome presents this under-seen oddity newly restored from rare vault elements and presented fully uncut for the first time on home video!

Directed by: Gerald Graystone / 1975.

Combine cast: Helen Madigan, Constance Money, John Holmes, Zachary Youngblood, Veronica Taylor, Kandi Johnson

Features Include:

Region free DVD

• Scanned & restored in 2k from 16mm and 35mm vault elements

• Audio interview with: co-writer and star Zachary Youngblood

• Audio interview with: assistant director and assistant editor Jo-Anne Surtees

SPASMS : Oliver Reed’s other Killer Snake movie: Coming to Code Red Blu-ray!

A scientist on a Pacific island finds a new source of true evil – a deadly snake.

It is captured and transported to the civilized world.

Disaster strikes when the creature escapses onto the city streets to terrorize the community and wreak a frenzied trail of carnage and destruction.

SPASMS features some of the most amazing practical special effects make-up ever to grace the screen.

Starring Peter Fonda, Oliver Reed, Al Waxman


Ennio Morricone’s score for Armando Crispino’s Crazy Giallo Thriller AUTOPSY / RSD 2018 Exclusive from Arrow Records.

The giallo thriller genre afforded Ennio Morricone the opportunity to push back musical boundaries and take his compositions into the outer realms of avant-garde experimentation.

Armando Crispino’s 1975 horror masterpiece, Macchie Solari (commonly known as Autopsy) is undoubtedly one of the more grisly films of this genre and, responding to the heightened subject matter, Morricone ditched all but one conventionally melodious track in favour of a full-on atonal assault of wretched strings and hellish arias.

Never-before released on vinyl, it is presented here on double translucent marbled orange 180 gram vinyl, with 350gsm gatefold sleeve. Newly mastered by James Plotkin with liner notes by Lovely Jon.

This is an exclusive release for Record Store Day 2018.