Screenbound unleash Giallo and Horror Cult shockers on Blu-ray!

Enzo G. Castellari’s COLD EYES OF FEAR: One man’s evening with a prostitute takes a turn for the worse when a pair of hardened criminals show up at the home of the man s uncle, a judge who unfairly convicted one of the criminals years before. Tensions mount as the victims try to turn their captors against one another and save the judge’s life, as well as their own.

BLACK HOUSE FILMS Blu-ray released October 16th 2017.






Best known for his erotic horror films, such as THE RAPE OF THE VAMPIRE, LIPS OF BLOOD, and THE LIVING DEAD GIRL, French filmmaker Jean Rollin frequently indulged in the softcore (and occasionally hardcore) sex film. Among the more personal of these films is SCHOOLGIRL HITCHHIKERS (Jeunes filles impudiques), which reflects many of the themes and fascinations that run through his esoteric body of work. Joelle Coeur (Rollin’s THE DEMONIACS) and Gilda Arancio star as a pair of lovers enjoying a blissful cross-country hike. But the carefree erotic film turns suddenly dark when the women are set upon by a band of thieves who think they have stolen their loot, and use sadistic means to force a confession. MAISON ROUGE FILMS Blu-ray released November 6th 2017.





A pair of lovers have a tryst in a vacant tomb, but then find themselves unable to escape form the graves and crypts of the massive cemetery. One of cult director Jean Rollin’s most unconventional film, THE IRON ROSE vividly depicts the young couple’s steady descent into madness. BLACK HOUSE FILMS Blu-ray released November 6th 2017.






Nucleus Films to release Jess Franco’s THE DEMONS / UK Blu-ray debut on 23rd October!

Two orphaned sisters living quietly in a convent – free-spirited Kathleen (Anne Libert) and God fearing Margaret (Britt Nichols) are persecuted by the wicked Lady De Winter (Karin Field) who tells them they are daughters of a condemned witch burned at the stake. Believing the girls will seek vengeance, De Winter sends Kathleen to witch-hunter Judge Jeffries to be tortured and burned. Pious Margaret is spared, but when she learns of her sister’s agony she rejects God and enters a carnal relationship with the Devil himself. As Kathleen falls in love with one of her captors, Margaret stalks the house of De Winter, her Satanic kisses bringing terror and death.

KILLS ON WHEELS hits UK Cinemas 15th September 2017.

Eureka Entertainment have announced the theatrical release of KILLS ON WHEELS [Tiszta szívvel], a highly original, darkly comedic and infectious buddy-movie about a wheelchair-using gang of assassins, in selected cinemas nationwide (UK & Ireland) from 15 September 2017.


Zoli and Barba are inseparable friends and outcasts. Both physically disabled, they live in a rehabilitation facility where life seems rather aimless. Zoli needs life-saving surgery but doesn’t want his absent father to pay out of guilt and pity. Enter Rupasov, a mysterious wheelchair-using man newly released from prison. He quickly adopts the two friends and offers them a chance to make some extra money by helping him in his work. That work, however, is murder. Rupasov is a hitman.

In this inventive, action-packed coming-of-age story of friendship, loyalty and revenge, Hungarian director Attila Till skilfully blends reality with fantasy as he offers a gentle probe into the lives of protagonists living on the edge of society and desirous of things which non-disabled people take for granted. Inspired to make his film from his own experiences as a volunteer for disabled people; Attila Till explains his motivation: “It was crucial to me to make a movie about disabled people where they finally aren’t played by actors but get the opportunity to act themselves and be the real heroes.”


2016 | 105 min. | 2.66:1 | Hungary | Action / Dark Comedy / Drama | Colour | Hungarian (with English Subtitles) | Cert. 15 (TBC)



Jess Franco’s Insane ‘70s Erotic Thriller.Restored In HD For The First Time Ever! First 3000 With Bonus DVD Of Alternate Spanish Version!

Severin Films once again delves into the musky netherworld of Euro-erotica with Jess Franco, the undisputed maestro of the genre. All the beauty and madness you’ve come to expect are present and accounted for in his thrilling 1980 motion picture TWO FEMALE SPIES WITH FLOWERED PANTIES, hitting DVD and Blu-Ray on August 29th. Franco tackles espionage the only way he knows how – sexily! The first 3000 Blu-rays will include a strictly limited DVD of the salacious alternate Spanish cut of the movie: OPAL OF FIRE, MERCHANTS OF SEX!

In this long-unseen shocker from the legendary Jess Franco (VAMPYROS LESBOS) pushes the limits of psycho-sexual insanity like never before: Lina Romay (of BARBED WIRE DOLLS and MACUMBA SEXUAL infamy) and Lynn Monteil (of Jean Rollin’s ZOMBIE LAKE and Franco’s SADOMANIA) star as a pair of cunning bisexual strippers released from prison to work undercover for the U.S. government. What follows is a deranged mélange of kinky threesomes, crazed S&M, depraved white slavers and audacious international politics that will leave even the most obsessive Franco fanatics slack-jawed in astonishment. Olivier Mathot (CANNIBAL TERROR), Joëlle Le Quément (WOMEN BEHIND BARS) and Claude Boisson (DEVIL HUNTER) co-star in this EuroSleaze rarity, now restored uncut in HD and loaded with exclusive Bonus Materials from the Franco archives.

Special Features:

*Two Cats In The Canaries: An Interview With Director Jess Franco

*Filmmaker Donald Farmer Interviews Longtime Franco Composer Daniel White

*Stephen Thrower on TWO FEMALE SPIES

*Location Out-takes

*Theatrical Trailer

Umberto Lenzi’s savage crime drama ALMOST HUMAN available now on SHAMELESS Blu-ray.

Umberto Lenzi’s ALMOST HUMAN is one of the most savage Italian crime movies ever made. Lenzi made 10 Poliziotteschi films during the ’70s and early ’80s and his take on the Italian crime genre was the most violent of all.

Made during a frenetic directing period for Lenzi alternating between Giallo and Poliziotteschi films.He had a dynamic run beginning with Gang War In Milan (’73), Spasmo (’74), Almost Human (’74), Eyeball (’75), Manhunt (’75) and Syndicate Sadists (’75). Among the other heavy hitters of Italian crime – Stelvio Massi was the king of the car chase and Enzo G.Castellari was the king of the action set piece but no other directors style has come close to the violence and savagery on display in a Lenzi film.He is notorious for it and genre fans love him for it!

Previously only available as a DVD from Shameless,the Blu-ray release of Almost Human is a revelation.I first saw this in an awful 4:3 VHS print almost 20 years ago.

Synopsis:Guilio Sacchi (Tomas Milian) is a small-time hood disillusioned with the crime syndicate for which he works. Looking to make some big money fast, he and some friends kidnap the beautiful Marilù (Laura Belli), the daughter of a billionaire and demand 500 million Lira as ransom. However, hot on his heels is Inspector Grandi (Henry Silva) a hardened cop who only becomes more hell-bent on catching Guilio and his gang with each corpse he finds! Director Lenzi reflects on the “Years of Lead” in Italy, a time when terrorists caused chaos and police action was judged as deficient.