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Pam Grier stars in Eddie Romero’s TWILIGHT PEOPLE / Blu-ray Coming Soon!


Matt Farrell (John Ashley) is plucked from the sea while skin-diving and taken to the foreboding fortress of Dr.Gordon. He is to become part of the doctor’s diabolical experiment to create a race of super people. This twisted and maniacal doctor’s experiments have so far only created terrifying and hideous creatures. His … Read the rest

CONFESSIONS OF A PEANUT BUTTER FREAK coming from Vinegar Syndrome!

Ever since being sexually traumatized as a young man by his aunt, Billy has had an unhealthy association between peanut butter and sex. After his latest date leaves him, he meets Priscilla (Helen Madigan), an equally odd woman. As the two strangers decide to share stories of their unusual erotic experiences, Billy begins to realize … Read the rest

SPASMS : Oliver Reed’s other Killer Snake movie: Coming to Code Red Blu-ray!

A scientist on a Pacific island finds a new source of true evil – a deadly snake.

It is captured and transported to the civilized world.

Disaster strikes when the creature escapses onto the city streets to terrorize the community and wreak a frenzied trail of carnage and destruction.

SPASMS features some of the most … Read the rest