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THE BLOODSUCKER LEADS THE DANCE / Giallo Thriller coming to UK Blu-ray 5th June.


Ireland 1902, Count Marnak invites a troupe of actors to perform at his island castle. He is stunned by how much Evelyn, the lead actress, resembles his late wife. They begin an affair, but suddenly one by one, the inhabitants of the castle are turning up decapitated. The count fears that an old family … Read the rest

EMANUELLE AND THE LAST CANNIBALS / Severin Blu-ray coming 8th May.

In 1977, infamous filth auteur Joe D’Amato (BEYOND THE DARKNESS, ANTHROPOPHAGUS) combined the insane extremes of eroticism and cannibalism for the most groin-grinding, gut-munching, gore-spewing EuroSleaze saga of them all! When journalist Emanuelle (Laura Gemser of BLACK EMANUELLE fame) discovers evidence of an extinct cannibal tribe in a Manhattan mental hospital, her investigation will take … Read the rest

Giallo/Crime masterclass RED RINGS OF FEAR (aka ENIGMA ROSSO) coming to Code Red Blu-ray.

When the brutally violated body of a young woman is found wrapped in plastic, Inspector Gianni Di Salvo (Fabio Testi – Contraband, The Four of the Apocalypse) is drawn to dark deeds at an exclusive girls’ school where the beautiful members of a group called the Inseparables are being targeted with sinister letters and murder … Read the rest